Request Funding

Instructions: The MWMBC Funding Request Form is to be used if an individual or group of individuals requests funding for events or projects from multiple sources. Supplemental information should be provided as suggested in attached appendices. The originator must indicate who the form is to be routed to by checking the and listing that individual or office on after completing section I. Committees providing funding should make a copy of the form for their records before returning to MWMBC website to the next office noted by the originator. It is the responsibility of the originating committee to work with each area/offices/departments that has committed funds to complete the transfer of funds to the appropriate department/organization budget, as needed. A plan of events must be included with Funding Request for review and final approval by Mountain West Militia Booster club, the plan must be included three months before the event. Committees must allow for 7 business days before receiving notification of approval/disapproval (SECTION I). Failure to answer all questions or requirements on form is grounds for immediate disapproval.

Funding Request Form

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